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Flipkart always try to satisfy their customers with genuine original product, as well as give assurance of warranty and guarantee on the invoice of flipkart. All its sellers are originally vertified. Flipkart grabs business of all class of customers like it sell products from ranging 250/- and above. Customers also buy products because they are able to buy all range of products under one website with number of options. They don’t have to move from one store to another. Website also gives option for return product in certain days, if you are not comfortable with any of these things like size, material, originality etc.

Flipkart share holders are increasing day by day quarterly. Buyer of share of flipkart are from all over the world. As shareholders are increasing, company decided to increase the share values. Hence company is expanding its business. Side by side company also have to challenge it’s competitors like Amazon, Snapdeal, Paytm and many others. Right now biggest challenger of company is Amazon. For this company is taking initiative like “1 Billion day”. In this company give much discounts, offers and free delivery at home on some chosen products. Past experience says online customers are happy with offers and discounts. Likewise other are also taking initiative and giving offers and discounts to neutralise the competitions in market. Flipkart was making trend of going for placement to IIM and IIT. But this year they are not going for any placements. Government and social media is arguing Indian people not to buy any Chinese products. Still flipkart is selling many Chinese mobiles and other products. Flipkart and Government together have to work on this issue. Flipkart should find in market and sell indigenous products. Likewise Government should have to promote the company Flipkart under “make in india” slogan.

Flipkart is still king of online market on the basis of value. All in all Indian market is happy with online purchasing options. In November, 2016 legally banning of 500 and 1000 currency notes affected sales in online shopping. Internet data says that it was increase in quarterly revenue in online shopping by Net Banking. On the other hand COD has faced dropdown in payment. Companies are arguing it’s customer for payment of valid cash currency, otherwise payment is accepted net payment. Use Flipkart Coupons, offers, promo codes, Discounts cutters to save on your shopping.