Paytm company is rising with high speed. Main strategy of company is to collaborate with many other Companies like Parle, Bata, Lenovo, Britainia and other retail industries. They joined hand for cashless purchase. Paytm’s utmost priority is to cover all market with cashless payment. No people can go bank for cash.

Now Paytm is connecting or collaborating with banks and there sub divisional segments and policies for sake of cashless payment. Paytm is planning more user friendly apps and websites for customers.

On the other hand Paytm has entered in retail industry, it is selling all type of products like fashionable garments, electronic appliances, home appliances, dairy products , food products, wedding store, sports and fitness, car and bike accessories musical instruments, stationery industrial supplies, books and many other things. Also application is booking movie/ bus/ flight/ train tickets. Book car and bike, hotel, events, amusement park. Renault KWID is also available on Paytm.

Recently Paytm has resumed its service E-Payment for car parking at airports and malls. Also upgrading its POP service for common use. People are enjoing services of Paytm like easy recharge of post/pre paid mobiles and other recharge like electricity, DTH, metro, broadband, landline, data card gas, insurance, water, petrol, dairy products, movies bills. Our prime minister Narendra Modi is promoting cashless market. Paytm is participating in this project verymuch. Sometime Paytm give cashback offers and discounts.

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